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Foe Email is an API provider for validating emails, detecting disposable emails and spammy domains, and many more.

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We can help you filter out fake users and increase email deliverability.

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What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Email Validation

Check if your users are using legitimate emails, or disposable ones.

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Prevent Email Bouncing

Filter out emails to which you can't send transactional emails.

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Filter Disposable Emails

Find out if your users are using disposable email services.

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Email Deliverability

Using our API helps to increase your email deliverability and domain rating.

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Have you ever noticed weird signups or your email bounced back?

Try our API and outplay spammy users. You can find out whether the email is a disposable one, whether your user can get your transactional emails, or if it's a generic (role-based) email.

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