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Foe Email is an API provider for validating emails, detecting disposable emails and spammy domains, and many more.

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Brka OÜ

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15551 Tallinn, Estonia

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Validate emails
for free

Feel free to use Foe Email Validator for free
if you don't need valuable email details and reports.

Free Email Validation on provides only the very basic data regarding the email you're validating. For most of the users, it's more than enough.

However, SaaS developers or Freelancers might benefit from our paid upgrades.

Free Email Validation Fair Use Policy

You can use the free email validation for free, but certain limitations apply:

  • You can only perform 5 checks per minute
  • You can not access detailed reports
  • You can not use the API

Disposable Email Detection

You can check if the email is created on some free disposable email (DEA) providers.

Free Email Provider Detection

Figure out if the user is using free email proviers (such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Protonmail, etc.

Role-based Email Account

We're checking if the email account is a role-based email (e.g., "", "", etc.)